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Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck

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Increased Usable Deck Better weight distribution with increased kingpin distance to last axle Hydraulic Self Lifting Detachable Gooseneck Increased Stability Wider track axles additional 9 Ability to lift above or below transport positions Swing out Outriggers With Planks Pullout HD outrigger at front double swing outs at center TK70HDG Adjustable Arched Gooseneck V Shaped Guide Arched design provides ample truck frame clearance even at the lowest king pin height setting The 7 position or optional 5 position gooseneck door adjustment allows for a full 10 range of king pin height settings The notched setting control bar for the control handle takes the guesswork out of setting the gooseneck doors in the desired position The V shaped guide directs the gooseneck into position during hook up making the coupling process a quick easy one person operation The guide rim above the pin hole further prevents the main pin from uncoupling during transit Safety Lock When the gooseneck transport doors are closed in the transit position a safety pin automatically locks the main pin in place so that it cannot jump out of the pin hole and accidentally disconnect the trailer THE FIRST THE BEST BETTER THAN EVER Our Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck trailer has become the go to choice for construction professionals with over two decades of being North America s bestselling detachable lowboy trailer It s engineered to make unhooking loading unloading and hooking up again a simple one person operation This trailer has dependable load hauling strength durability and versatility that can stand up to any challenge even tough to scale loads Put Drawing Here One Piece Construction Trail King I beams are constructed of one piece web and flange material and welded on all four corners to seal and protect the seams from rust The entire trailer is primed and painted with a zinc rich primer and paint before decking air hydraulic and electrical lines are installed for complete protection from the elements even in places you can t see TK102HDG Put Drawing Here TK110HDG Put Drawing Here LOOKING FOR MORE Navigate to www trailking com and click on the SOLUTIONS tab Each product page includes specifications video literature images services information and our official color card Outrigger Construction I beam style outriggers are mounted on the top and bottom flange and span the entire width of the side beam for optimum strength and support Heavy duty pullout front outriggers provide extra strength at the pivot point where the weight is concentrated during loading Close set outriggers at mid deck prevent planks from tipping up when the load rolls over them Double Hinged Ramp and Support Ledge Knuckle Boom Troughs 3rd Lift Axle The 31 front loading ramps are double hinged and reinforced with a support ledge for added strength Because both hinges rest on the ledge even heavy track type equipment can be loaded without risk of peeling off the loading ramp Optional spring assist ramps available Lowered crossmembers are covered with 1 4 MF80 steel for a knuckle trough in the rear deck area Lowered crossmembers through the entire wheel area including a lowered center section in the rear channel are covered with 10 ga steel A third axle with lift is standard equipment on all models except the 70HDG TK120HDG Sealed Electrical System Find your nearest rep www TrailKing com find a rep LOOKFORTHETRIANGLES Rubber mounted LED lights are standard as well as a sealed plug and play electrical system Rubber grommets protect the wiring wherever it runs through the frame Should the operator forget to disconnect the lines before detaching the gooseneck from the bed a replaceable jumper cable between the neck and the deck makes replacing a damaged line easy and convenient Put Drawing Here

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RUGGED DEPENDABLE LOW MAINTENANCE PERFORMANCE PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT TKHDG STANDARD EQUIPMENT TK70HDG TK102HDG TK110HDG TK120HDG Capacity 10 7 gooseneck 16 KP setting w 82 swing clearance 12 11 gooseneck 16 and 40 KP setting w 110 and 86 swing 2nd king pin setting 40 KP setting w 86 swing clearance Deck length 1 1 2 oak decking raised NET 1 3 4 apitong decking raised NET 25 000 lb 5 8 wall axles 3rd axle air lift Axle spacing Anti lock brake system Frame Reinforced for single axle booster or flip axle 70 000 lb 102 000 lb 110 000 lb 120 000 lb X X N A N A N A N A X X N A N A X X 24 0 X N A 2 N A 50 X 25 9 N A X 3 X 55 N A 25 9 N A X 3 X 55 N A 25 9 N A X 3 X 55 N A N A N A X X OPEN DECK CONSTRUCTION From financing a trailer to a complete refurbishment at our Factory Service Center Trail King is there to keep your team hauling day in and day out Our trusted network of dealers and certified experts are ready to assist you KEEP YOUR TEAM HAULING Instantly access over 10 000 on hand parts and a variety of online tools All Trail King Certified dealers fleets and service facilities can place same day shipping orders for convenient and efficient ordering Customers looking for more information can contact a local Trail King dealer or submit direct inquiries to parts trailking com PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Extend the life of your trailer and increase future resale value by restoring it through Trail King s factory refurbishment program Customers can request a free estimate for comprehensive refurbishments or specified repairs by visiting trailking com refurb service Our expert technicians specialize in Trail King equipment but we also welcome other trailer brands TKHDG STANDARD EQUIPMENT On All Models 50 loaded 5th wheel height Gooseneck arched for increased truck frame clearance 7 position gooseneck height adjustment 3 7 Hydraulic self lifting detachable gooseneck has ability to lift above or below transport positions Full depth boom trough in wheel area covered w 10 ga MF80 steel Triangle cut outs on deck and bolsters 16 5 x 7 air brakes w outboard drums 8 25 x 22 5 10 hole pilot mount steel disc wheels Hydraulic gooseneck support arm 255 70R 22 5 16PR radial tires H Patented air activated self locking pin on gooseneck positive lock Oil seals one piece Gooseneck does not require ground bearing pads for lifting 31 front loading ramps 102 overall deck width 24 loaded deck height 8 ground clearance 4 beam main frame construction 10 I beam crossmembers on 24 centers 4 stub crossmembers for 12 centers in outer bays 100 000 80 000 PSI yield strength steel construction 05 x5 outside top flanges Swing out outriggers with planks Pullout HD outrigger at front double swing outs at center 14 D rings bent style on deck 2 straight on wheel area 100 EQUIPMENT FINANCING Competitive rates and flexible terms are designed to make a Trail King purchase affordable convenient and secure Trail King s innovative payment program operates with an understanding of the changing demands businesses face Our full suite of financing structures including Loans Finance Leases and TRAC Leases makes it easier than ever before to own a Trail King trailer TRAIL KING IS BUILDING SUCCESS Trail King Industries Inc headquartered in Mitchell SD is the leading manufacturer of open deck and materials hauling trailers for the asphalt paving construction commercial hauling agriculture and specialized transport industries Air ride suspension w raising and lowering raising lowering optional on TK70HDG Front bolsters LED lights 50 state legal Over the years Trail King has always kept one thing a top priority our customers success Our trailers are customized for unique challenges and together we can create a solution that is just right for your team Mid turn signal clearance lights Tail lights 3 per side amber in center We don t just build trailers We design hauling solutions Rubber mounted sealed lights and sealed harness system Air electrical and hydraulics installed after paint Liquid filled air gauge Flag holders front of deck and rear of trailer Wide load sign brackets Mud flaps Zinc rich primer and polyurethane paint Knuckle trough at rear of deck 72 long covered w 0 25 MF80 steel All specifications are subject to change without notice Trailers pictured in this brochure may feature optional equipment Contract 092922 TKI trailking com TKHDG 300 East Norway Ave Mitchell SD 57301 800 843 3324 trailking com 2023 Trail King Industries All rights reserved TKHDG HYDRAULIC DETACHABLE GOOSENECK

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